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Boundary Oak School

Our Boundary Oak School short stay programme is available for boys and girls aged 7 - 13 years for a minimum stay of 4 weeks. We provide a gateway for your child to the best possible British senior boarding school. Past pupils have been awarded  scholarships to Lancing, Bradfield, Canford and Blundells and more. The Boundary Oak Preparatory Curriculum is supported by a full integration programme that immerses international pupils with British pupils. The programme includes:

• Formative and summative language assessments which include access to British National Curriculum and Common Entrance syllabus.

• Tailored programme including EAL lessons

• In addition to the EAL tuition pupils will also study Humanities, Maths, Science, Music, Sport, Drama, ICT and PSHE.

• Focus on core skills; speaking, reading, writing, listening and language structure

• Emphasis on communication and practical fluency

• End of course certificate and progress reports

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Boundary Oak is a traditional British Preparatory School with a rich history, set in the beautiful English countryside.

For nearly a hundred years Boundary Oak School has been preparing international boys and girls aged 7 to 13 years for the next step on their educational journey as well as providing the foundations for life long skills. Our international programme is flexible so pupils can come for between 1–4 years and we aim to prepare them for successful entry into the best possible senior school.

International Preparatory Curriculum

Alongside the English Preparatory Curriculum Boundary Oak provides a full English language support programme which is designed according to the child’s needs and based on formative assessments.


A Prep School Education

If you are looking to send your child to a British boarding school then they will most likely need to begin their journey from around the age of 7 years and attend a British Preparatory school. Boundary Oak School provides the perfect gateway to some of the top British boarding schools. We work with each individual child and help them to progress their education, as well as their English language, to get them into the best possible senior school.



Included as part of our education, pupils will benefit from up to 10 hours of physical activity each week. Sports and PE play a major role in pupils’ academic performance, attitude and relationships.

Team games such as cricket, baseball and rugby are important for the development of social interaction. Every pupil has the opportunity to represent the school at weekly matches in a variety of sports and sporting events.

Sport can lay the foundations for a long and healthy life, especially if presented as an enjoyable experience. At Boundary Oak, all pupils take part in PE lessons and Games lessons every week. This includes:
• A range of team sports
• Dance
• Fitness
• Gymnastics
• Swimming
Our sports facilities are within the school premises, including our outdoor heated pool and shooting range.


Music & Drama

All our pupils enjoy music and drama as part of their academic timetable. In music they enjoy weekly lessons, playing a variety of instruments, singing, listening to music from around the world and even composing their own pieces.

Pupils have the opportunity to perform with the school orchestra, sing in the school choir or play in the school band. They are able to showcase their skills at our termly concerts and musical drama productions performed in our Theatre.

Drama participation is strongly encouraged. Pupils can act, design sets, play an instrument or help backstage with lighting and special effects. The experience boosts confidence, and often uncovers hidden talents. The children are also encouraged to use their acting skills in assemblies, while lessons in improvised drama are scheduled into the English curriculum.


Art & Design

We have a large purpose-built studio for Art & Design. A light and spacious art studio alongside clay and woodworking areas allows the pupils to experience a wide range of art topics from drawing, painting and collage to printmaking, textiles and sculpture.
A variety of different materials are available from wood, metal and composites to glass, plastic and textiles, fashioned using quality tools in a modern workshop. Pupils experience and experiment producing electrical and mechanical devices and undertaking projects on food, energy and control mechanisms as well as more traditional crafts such as woodwork and pottery. Work is exhibited around the school and often at various senior school exhibitions.

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